Did you know that the front page listings for any search query on google (aka a “first page SERP”) draws 91% of the clicks? It’s hard to believe, but getting to a front page listing in the SERPs has gotten a whole lot more important than ever for webmasters trying to draw serious organic search traffic. New tools like SERPWoo allow you to get quick data on where exactly you stand in the search results, and keep tabs on your rank over a long period of time. SERPWoo comes highly recommended by this blog by any of you data fiends out there – it has interesting features like the ability to track “volatility” of a results page, alerting you to which sites have climbed in the SERPs and which have fallen. This can help you to see keywords which are vulnerable, as in the more volatile keyword matches there is a good chance for an outsider with strong content and strategy to move up in the rankings.


Another great measure is the competition of a ranking. SERPWoo once again has this one covered by providing a “competition” measure in their keyword tool. Using this measure and the Volume (taken from googles own Keyword Planner, no doubt), one can determine which keywords are worth going after for, which will be an easy win (the competition listings that are green) and which will be a hard fight to get a front page SERP in (the competition bars show red in the interface).

Serps Tool Serpwoo


Would love to hear your thoughts on SERPWoo and other SERP tools in the comments below.  Cheers!