In a previous post we discussed ranking sites with the help of SerpWoo.  Today I will show a simple trick to supercharge your ranking traction.  It really is a no brainer, but powerful:

google analytics site keywords

Site query In Google Analytics -> Acquisition->Search Engine Optimization->Queries

We want to find out how our visitors are finding us in the SERPs.  To do this, we go to Google Analytics->Acquisition->Search Engine Optimization->Queries from our Google Analytics Dashboard.  You will need Google Analytics to be set up on the site, of course, if it isn’t you need to set it up first.

SerpWoo Serps Keywords Analysis Site Ranking Toolkit

SerpWoo Project Keywords

Next we plug these keywords in to SerpWoo.  This will allow us to track what position we rank, from the top, in Google; as well as give us historical data.  SerpWoo will also show volatility scores for each keyword – these are indicators for how likely our new content will be able to “break up in the ranks” if keyword optimized.

serpwoo historical keyword analysis for site ranking google

Just a quick tip for those of us with SerpWoo, or those planning to get it.  Do you use a similar software to do the same?  Please let us know in the comments below; always love to hear about alternate SEO approaches!