There are many tools that can be helpful to you especially if you want to get your website out there, but that doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen without some knowledge of SEOs, how it works and how best to strategize in order to get the best results. Whether you are new to SEO or someone who has been in the mix for years these strategies will be good ones for you to keep in mind as you go about presenting yourself to your online readers.

Good Content

You might think this is a no brainer, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Make sure that you keep the content on your web page fresh and up to date for your readers. In addition, good quality content that is relevant and useful will appear much higher in the Search engine results page and encourage other sites to link to your page. Search results may even put you at the top of the list.


In thinking about what your keywords are going to be, try to be original as well as relevant. Don’t pick one or two keywords that thousands of other sites use. Instead use tools like Google Analytics, Google Keywords and Wordtracker to help you find words that have high search volume but low competition. Once you have your keywords, make sure they are used frequently though not too much.

Linking Sites

When it comes to linking sites, it is important to get links from well-respected sites. These will hold much more value and weight than several other less popular sites. Pick one or two and then ask for a link back from their directors. Whether there is a fee or not doesn’t matter. The cost is worth it.

Site Structure

Make sure your site contains plenty of links to other prominent websites. The more you have, the greater you credibility. It also helps improve your Google ranking. Page Rank Checkers will recognize the authority of your site if you take the time for this.

Analyze and Update

Search engines have algorithms that change constantly so it is really helpful to keep yourself updated on the latest SEO changes and strategies. Two sites that may be worth looking into are Search Engine Watch and SEO Book.



Duplicate Content

In writing your pages, make sure you don’t have any duplicate content. Google strongly dislikes it and will often give such pages a much lower ranking.


In your pages descriptions, make sure you do not neglect to include both description and keyword tags. Many people don’t bother to do so and this could be to your advantage as it gives you more opportunity to get listed in the higher rankings. Just make sure you descriptions are unique to each page. Too much repetition will give you a lower ranking.

There you have it. There will always be new SEO strategies that will come up, but these ones are always good to implement in your website. Good Luck!